AEROGRAM has been Canada's leader in aerial advertising since 1984!
We are approved and certified by Transport Canada through certificate of operations number 6129.
AEROGRAM is fully capable to provide all specialty aerial advertising services to both personal and corporate needs. Our services include airplane banner towing, sky writing, airplane taxi services, helicopter banner towing and more.
We can fly your aerial ads anytime of the year, in any Canadian or American city.

AEROGRAM works with our customers to develop aerial advertising ideas and strategies which will be highly READABLE and are designed to achieve very specific marketing objectives by geography or demographic. Our creative strategy helps build brand identification and increase product awareness and retention.
AEROGRAM manages the production of your aerial campaign display from beginning to end, including all aspects of digital billboard production.
Once created and produced, Aerogram helps to develop the market strategy plan to meet your aerial advertising objectives, provide placement in key DMA’s, and arrange coordination of pilots within our network of airplanes, helicopters, blimps, hot air balloons, and inflatable manufacturers to meet your timeline. Worldwide, Aerogram’s extended network has aired thousands of aerial advertising campaigns and has offered substantial, cost saving guidance to first time buyers.
AMS tracks your entire aerial advertising campaign complete with an affidavit of performance upon the campaign’s completion. An AMS representative will keep you current as to the campaign’s process throughout and additionally can offer approximate brand and message recall figures as well as audience impression levels. In many markets, GPS tracking with route mapping and timing performance is now additionally available.




We are effective and affordable. View some of what AEROGRAM does below.

happy birthday aerial banner


  • You message is assembled on a single line with giant upper case letters and/or numbers (characters).
  • Punctuation marks, word spacer, lead pole and tail chute each count as a character.
  • The Aerogram 20 allow up to 20 foot characters.
  • This traditional banner provides great visibility over your target.
aerial publicity banner


Like the Aerogram 20, the Aerogram 60 offers longer messages, up to 60 five foot characters.

  • The lenght could exceed 150 ft in length for a surface area of up to 800ft².
  • Great visibility over your target.

Airplane Banner, Banner Towing , Helicopter Banner Towing, Aerial Advertising Campaigns


These are personalized aerograms. You artwork (such as text, logo, picture) will be digitally reproduced to scale from a vector file on a flying billboard. Surface may varies up to 2,000 ft². They provide great visual impact.

Basically these are giant flying billboard of various shapes and dimensions.

  • flying billboards up to 2,000 ft²
  • popular dimensions are: 20 ft x 20 to 100 ft or 25 ft x 25 to 80 ft

Airplane Banner, Banner Towing , Helicopter Banner Towing, Aerial Advertising CampaignsAEROGRAM 3000

These are personalized aerograms. Texts, logos, pictures will be digitally reproduced on a flying billboard. Surface may varies up to 3,000 ft². They provide superior visual impact.

  • flying bill boards up to 3,000 ft²

3D, Airplane Banner, Banner Towing , Helicopter Banner Towing, Aerial Advertising Campaigns


We offer THE MEGA FLYING BILLBOARD. The most spectacular aerial banner ever seen with the AEROGRAM PLUS.

  • Surface area greater than 3 000 ft² (requiring rotary wing)
  • Formats up to 75 ft x 50 to 150 ft and verticals up to 80 ft tall
  • Ouotstanding or Exceptional visual impact
  • Example of this was the ad for Toyota Red Tag Sale. It established a World Record in 1998 in aerial advertising and the FIRST helicopter banner ever flown in  Canada.

Special options/effects available on request. (silhouette, animated, musical, vapour)
Photos/video, Press release, social media coverage, media coverage, air shows, Multi markets (Canada and USA) coverage etc.


These are other services we provides.


  • Ads using Helium or Hot Air Balloons.
  • A spectacular aerial platform with unequaled visual impact.
  • Good for promoting new product, branding, public relations, etc…
  • Good weather by day or night.


  • This is a service for people that want to take aerial photos or clips.
  • High definition panoramic, oblique and vertical shooting across Quebec and across Canada on demand.
  • Spotting, development, etc…
  • GPS coordinates with detailed description of targets and/or low scaled geographic maps are required.
  • Confidentiality assured.


Create a happening and a powerful stunning event over one or several markets on the same or consecutive days. The Aero-Flash is available for corporate clients only. For that special person, holiday or occasion, you may consider the Aerogram Series above (available in most major markets).

  • These are advertisement created by environmentally safe White Vapor.
  • This White Vapor is released at an altitude of 10,000ft.
  • This White Vapor is legible within a radius of 15 to 20km.
  • A very attractive CPT (Cost per thousand)

The Aero-Texts or Skytyping uses a 5 aircraft formation. Your message can be several sentences up to 25-30 characters in length per flight over single or multiple markets. Information upon request!


  • Want to learn banner towing?
  • Want to learn to fly a conventional aircraft (tail wheel)?
  • A trained professional pilot with 40+ years experience will be instructing you on the art of flying a tail wheel and/or banner towing.


  • A sightseeing of Montreal or other desired destinations (Gift Certificates )
  • Charter aircraft for adventurers.
  • Destinations: Saguenay, Quebec City, Mont-Tremblant, Ottawa/Gatineau, Toronto,
    Niagara Falls, Grandes Bergeronnes (Whales watching), Gaspé Roché percé …
  • And why not New York, Boston, Washington… ?

parachutist service aero drop


  • AERO-BLITZ: Simultaneous multiple markets coverage.
  • AERO-DROP: We provide parachutists to give added impact to promotional events.
  • AERO-FLATABLE: Helium inflatables or a Hot air balloon to identify a point of sale, service, location, grand-opening, a product by day or night. Visibility: greater that 5km all around.
  • AERO-NIGHT: Illuminated aerial message at night.
  • AERO-PLANE: Paint our aircraft to your colours.
The huge 94.7 HITS banner was visible from miles away and introduced many new listeners to our station.Tim Martz, Président Comminications Martz
I had called Aerogram to inquire about an aerial banner to propose to the girl I now call my wife. I am very satisfied with the event, she said YES!Robert Daoud
I just wanted to let you know that the fall aerial campaign exceeded of our expectations and helped 94.7 HITS-FM increase our listening audience and our BBM ratings.Tim Martz, President Martz Communications
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