Helicopter Banners

Helicopter banner is a perfect advertising tool that delivers maximum exposure.
If you are looking for a show-stopping campaign that will generate buzz and captivate all on-lookers,
then helicopter banner (also known as aerial billboard) is the way to go.

The aerial billboard Aerogram flew in 1998 for Toyota’s Red Tag was the first helicopter banner ever flown in Canada. At 80 feet tall, it also established a world record.

So Aerogram, the aerial media company knows what it takes to be seen!

Our clients have used helicopter aerial banners to advertise events, promote products, and give visibility to a cause.

Helicopter banner advertising is a fantastic contribution to your sky campaign. We create a lasting visual experience that your target audience is certain to notice and retain. So, teamed up with Aerogram, the aerial media company, you can own the sky.

We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help your next marketing campaign reach new heights!


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