Street Banners

Dress up your town or city with Aerogram’s aerodynamic street banners.


In the summer of 2015, Aerogram was commissioned to help celebrate Montreal’s « La Grande Terrasse Rouge » festival with our street banners. The festival was funded by the City of Montreal and it was conceived to support merchants along rue St. Denis.

Aerogram has employed an innovative way of using street banners for your city with the use of 2 foot high characters. These characters can be assembled and reassembled to form different fun and clever messages.

You can use street banners to announce upcoming events, festivals, promotions or even to declare civic pride. Visitors or customers can be influenced by the high-visibility aerodynamic banners and their messages.

Here are some advantages of our letter street banners. Our letter banners:

  • comes in a variety of colors
  • are aerodynamic offering minimum wind resistance
  • are made of light-weight high tech weather and sun-resistant material
  • can be re-used for future needs by re-arranging the letters
  • can be easily attached to street lamp poles thus reducing costs and increasing flexibility

Our low wind resistance street banners have been approved for safe mounting on street lamp poles by the City of Montreal Public Safety Board. Not only are they strong and safe but they will contribute beautifully crafted messages to any city streets.

We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help make your streets more festive and inviting to visitors to your city with our signature street banners!


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