Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.
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How much do our services cost?

Cost is based on a number of factors such as:

  • type of aerial service
  • aerial banner size
  • location to fly the ad
  • flight time/frequency
  • etc…

The bottom line:

We’re more affordable than you might think. We invite you to fill out a free quotation form to find out.

What is the altitude can you fly at and is the message visible?

Aerogram’s aerial media and banner towing operations are approved by Transport Canada and are regulated by the Canadian Air Regulations (CARs). The aircraft must generally fly 1000 ft above ground level over populated areas. Our banners are eminently readable at this altitude. Skywriting is done at 10,000 ft for optimum visibility and effectiveness.

Where do you fly?

Aerogram is Canada’s most experienced aerial media company and can provide coverage over all Canadian markets and the USA. Launching the aerogram from the closest practical airport, we will reach your target wherever it is.

Do I need to supply the banner?


You need only either write out the message for a traditional banner or supply the artwork file for custom banners and we’ll take care of the rest. We use the latest production technologies to ensure optimal results.

How fast can I get a message in the sky?

Traditional banners (Aerogram 60 or 20) can be flown next day, or in a pinch, sometimes even same day!

Custom banners or billboards (such as the Aerogram 2000, 3000 and Plus) can be completed within one to two weeks once we have your artwork on a vector file.

The Aero-Flash and Aero Tweet (skywriting) single aircraft can be in the air in three days, weather permitting. A formation of five aircraft for skytexto or skytyping takes a month to set up.

Can I ride in the plane when flying the banner?

For safety reasons, Canadian Air Regulations prohibit operators from carrying passengers during banner towing flights.

Do you take off with the banner or is it thrown out the window in flight?

Specially modified aircraft certified for banner-towing swoop down and, with a tailhook, pick up the banner that is laid out on the ground. This low-altitude aerial manoeuvre is precision flying at its best; a skill that is acquired by our team of professional pilots following intense training and practice.

Is the banner readable / How big is the banner?

All the Aerogramme lines of aerial advertising banners from 5 ft and up meet the standards to ensure the readability of your message flying over a populated area at the minimum altitude of 1 000 ft. SIZE, does count to extend the visibility range and to create a stronger visual impact.

Why choose Aerogram for your aerial advertising?

Aerogram is one the only full service aerial advertiser providing banner towing, sky writing, blimps, hot air balloons, helicopter billboards – you name it we fly it! We are certified by Transport Canada and can provide advertising agencies, corporations, event organizers as well as ordinary people with a customized aerial campaign to fit your budget envelope across Canada and the USA!

With AEROGRAM, you benefit from our leadership built from more than 30 years in the field.
EXPERT: Aerial banners any size and unique skywriting across Canada, World Record Holder and Award winning aerial campaigns. Professionalism and safety comes first!

RELIABLE: Trusted by more that 50 Name Brands and as many Advertising Agencies across Canada and the USA.

Why use Aerial advertisement?

  • Low cost per thousand (CPM)
  • High viewer retention
  • Ability to reach crowds unreachable by other forms of media
  • No ad clutter … the sky is YOURS!
  • Cover multiple markets simultaneously

Why use AEROGRAM - Aerial Media Services?

  • “One-Source” shopping
  • Design, creation, and digital production of aerial displays
  • Handles all logistics and permits
  • Strategically coordinates multi-market campaigns
  • Detailed performance verifications
  • One representative, one point of contact

Unique, uncluttered, noticeable, and underutilized – Aerial Advertising is a medium that works!

Are you guys a brooker?

No. We are not the middle man. When you book our service, you are getting it at cost with no inflated price.

Is your service available only for corporate and ad agency?

No. We also provide services for the general public such as:

  • personal messages for birthdays, anniversarys, marriages, etc…
  • Aero-Drop: Parachutist out of the plane.
  • Aero-Taxi: A great bird’s eye view to travel or sightseeing to your destination (Gift Certificate available).
  • Aero-Training: Want to learn banner towing? Want to learn to fly a conventional aircraft (tail wheel)?
  • Others: If you do not see your service listed here, give us a shout.

How friendly is Aerogram to the environment?

AEROGRAM exploits the latest technologies and advances in materials to optimize the surface/weight ratio of our banners and our aircraft have been modified to operate at minimum weight. With this combine approach we sharply reduce our fuel consumption and emissions.

Our Aero-Flash skywriting technique uses an environmentally safe white vapor to compose our airborne messages. In addition, in order to reduce the overall carbon footprint, we offer a carbon credit option.

More FAQ examples on: http://www.inplaneview.ca/faq

How can I pay for the services?

Once we have defined your needs, AEROGRAM will write a contract detailing the services required. The payment can be make by certified cheque, wire transfer, in cash or for your convenience, via PAYPAL, just like you would purchase an airline ticket prior the flight.


The huge 94.7 HITS banner was visible from miles away and introduced many new listeners to our station.Tim Martz, ésident Comminications Martz
He flew very low and the banner was extremely visible. He also circled around the agreed upon location many times.Robert Daoud
I just wanted to let you know that the fall aerial campaign exceeded all of our expectations and helped 94.7 HITS-FM increase our listening audience and our BBM ratings.Tim Martz
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