AEROGRAM prepares the Winnipegers to battle winter!

St-Hubert November 24, 2014

Winipeg team for aerial banner operation AEROGRAM The Aerial Media

Winnipeg advertising campain operation

The population of Manitoba’s largest city knows very well the winter season
and how to beat it. They simply have to raise their eyes to read the message
written in the sky.

Indeed, an important snow removal services provider has chosen the specialty
firm of AEROGRAM – THE AERIAL MEDIA to conduct a major and spectacular
aerial advertising campaign. The solution proposed by WINNIPEGPLOW.CA is
inscribed on an Aerogramme 2000. This flying billboard, boasting an
advertising surface of more than 2000 sq.ft., criss-crossed the sky of the
Manitoban capital for a week reaching a huge number of consumers.

Thanks to AEROGRAM, the population simply raise their eyes to the sky… not
to worry about the next snow fall, but to look after at their health by reading the
AEROGRAM 2000 displaying the message :

« AS LOW AS $69.95

AEROGRAM – THE AERIAL MEDIA is a company specialised in aerial
advertising with more than 30 years experience. It is unique in the country,
which has made it’s recent air show all the more so remarkable in the eyes of
the greater Winnipeg public.

Advertising campain with aerial banner operation in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

For Gian Piero Ciambella, president – founder and chief pilot of AEROGRAM –
THE AERIAL MEDIA, it has been an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate
the accessibility of specialized aerial advertising services all across Canada.

The execution of this aerial advertising campaign during the Month of
November in Winnipeg has had an inspirational effect and a call for action of
the public in this context where the snow storm season descending upon us.

AEROGRAM is certified by Transport Canada and covers all the skies across
Canada. It’s thirty years history is an undisputable proof of the quality, the
efficiency and the professionalism of it’s services.

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Sky view of Winnipeg city in aerial banner operation

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Source et renseignements :
Raymond Bégin, Responsable des communications
Gian Piero Ciambella, Président et fondateur
(450) 445-1171


Photo : Dave Mismerias (hautabove) Babhru Vishnu Yasha (basbelow)

Photo : Gian Piero Ciambella, Chef piloteChief pilot, surover Winnipeg, MN

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